5 Nov 2007

Spirit of the Century - Sessions 1 & 2

Weeks 1 & 2 are glossed over to pull out the elements that remained active in session 3 and beyond.

The Story so far…

Session 1

During an academic’s stage demonstration of a supposedly Atlantean Artefacts, our heroes discern its 100,000 year old Nautiloid origins (an ocean born ancient race secretly living below the oceans).

They inadvertently activate it and it turns out to be a portal to that ancient era. The immediate effect being a tumult of water, which threatens to flood the theatre. Oriel (still not sure which spelling is preferred) looks through the portal and sees a coded message on a sub-aquatic building from his old mentor beckoning him through but Phantom breaks the device and closes the portal.

Oriole and Doc Automatic investigate the water and declare that it has temporally anomalous properties and that Doc Automatic would be able to use it to create a time machine to the distant past. Phantom is against such meddling knowing from experience how painful and disturbing the repercussions can be.

Session 2

Phantom receives a mysterious premonition that the flooding of the theatre has created a giant portal through which the Nautiloids will attack, and Sylvie races across Paris with Doc Automatic and Phantom to reach the theatre on time to avert the danger.

The heroes manage to kill the Nautiloids but not without casing some complications along the way. An innocent lady was shot as Doc Automatic ducked behind her to avoid a dart, and many people were horrified by the Phantom’s attempt to make the theatre goers flee by appearing to threaten to burn the place down.

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