5 Nov 2007

Spirit of the Century - Session 3

Clay turned up as the police arrived and was able to take charge of the situation using his contacts in the police: keeping the police happy and allowing the phantom to strip out effected seating and fixtures and Doc Automatic to set up equipment to remove the temporary anomaly.

However, a Tag from Clay’s player on Doc’s self experimentation means that he temporarily endows his arm with temporal abilities and uses it to create small portals to set up equipment on both sides of the boundary. This allows Clay to push his Nautiloid contact back to 100,000 BC, declaring that the Nautiloids do not reproduce and actually have lived for at least 100,000 years, (via the declaration and maintaining his aspect of the named Nautiloid contact, now 100,000 years older). This sets up a compel that by throwing him back, the Nautiloid race have had 100,000 years to prepare an invasion to conquer the world. Effectively giving the Nautiloid race the aspect of ‘plans as long as civilisation’, and allowing them to infiltrate many of the world’s occult societies in preparation for their ascendancy.

On return to Doc’s lab, the heroes discern that some things seem to be disturbed and phantom and the Doc are able to detect that forces from the altered timeline have been rummaging around his lab and have stolen a discarded tide controlling device from the Docs submarine experiments. Realising that things are afoot the phantom has a horrified premonition that the Nautiloid invasion will take affect the next day during high tide. The Phantom also foresees that time travel can only bring trouble, creating an ongoing scene aspect of Butterfly Effect.

The Doc rapidly builds a time travel device in record time transporting the Heroes to a field in 100,000 BC along with a couple of hundred innocent individuals (and some not so innocent) compelled to have been transported by the untested device. The heroes realise that some of the individuals are thinly disguised Nautiloid spies (heavy cloaks and an inhuman aura) and dispatch them as quickly as possible but then realise that some of the humans may also be Nautiloid agents.

At this point, Clay hears a conversation emanating from one of his many trench coat pockets and pulls out a rare artefact of a petrified Atlantian head, which now serves as a mysteries communication device with its original owner, and after a brief introduction and explanation the heroes use the artefact to teleport themselves to the Atlantian's presence (the players realising that their very existence was due to a GM compel and as such will cause trouble one way or another and the choice allows them to decide the nature of that trouble (spies on pre-sunk Atlantis or spies at large in a Nautiloid dominated world revealing their presence and actions).

And so the session ends with the heroes on Atlantis with only 7 hours to stop the Nautiloids launching themselves across time in a wholesale invasion of earth.

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